The Rome Construction Crew and the Birth of the Internet

The Rome Construction Crew and the Birth of the Internet

I love cats. I love cat memes. But really, I think “I can Haz a Cheezeburger” killed the internet. Find out how the Rome Construction Crew brought the internet back!

(Go on, click – it has a cute cat picture!)

The Rome Construction Crew – Phoenix Rising!

The Rome Construction Crew – Phoenix Rising!

The Rome Construction Crew was reborn today! Way to go, Crew – you were the best thing to happen to this blogger!

I wanna rock!

A: I need the music loud and big tonight!

D: How about some panpipes? I have a lovely set somewhere over–

A: No, D – not any of your bard-y fireside music. I need big – it needs to be heard over a body of water – music.

D: Ah, pipes, then?

A: And drums.

D: Um, A. . . are we going to war?

A: War? Silly Druid, wars are for politicians. No, we are celebrating. You and TC are in charge of the music and probably the singing too, since I can’t carry a tune.

D: What are we celebrating – and what are you bringing to this hootenanny?

A: Me, of course!

D: Now you’re just being obscure.

A: Says the Druid. First, I’m bringing me to the hootenanny, and possibly potato chips and dip. Second, my word count for Camp NaNoWriMo has been validated.

D: How many words?


D: And the book?

A: Congratulate me first.

D: . . .That’s stupendous, A. Way to go.

A: With sincerity, and possibly enthusiasm, if you can manage it.

D: I never doubted you for a moment, A.

A: That’s better. The book is well on its way. They’re in 1745, they’re realizing that perhaps they were sent there for a reason, and Bonnie Prince Charlie is about to call the clans. All in all, good times. Word vomit, but good times.

D: I’m proud of you A.

A: Thanks, D. Me too!

D: Okay, that was nice. Get back to work, woman.

A: What about my hootenanny?

D: Don’t you watch TV? That always ends with crazy masks and zombies.

A: Right. How could I forget? No more Netflix for you, D.

A’s Telling the Tale Tonight, Baby!

Ralph and the cat

The Creative Writing Challenge continues at the Community Storyboard. Today’s prompt: Pick an object in your room, and write a story. I have sleep (or lack thereof) on the brain with “Bed Head.” For the best story that popped up at the Community Storyboard, check out Ionia’s, “Polly wants a what?” Hands down my favorite of the day.

Also, huge congratulations are in order to Charles and Briana – thank *you* for letting us be a part of your respective book promotions. It was a lot of fun. Wishing you both a ridiculous amount of success!

Finally, here’s a little something from Part 3 of The Book, i.e. something I salvaged from the word vomit:


It beat at her. Tiny movements bombarded her. Breathing hurt her ears, so complete was the absence of noise.

Maureen opened her eyes, slowly acknowledging that this was no dream – no nightmare to be avoided by deeper dreaming.

Nothing met her gaze. The darkness absolute. Her shriek rose from deep within her gut.


Guest Blog – Interview is as Interview Does

Announcer: Today’s guest author is John W. Howell who writes a blog named Fiction Favorites. It can be found at John will be interviewed by D. So D you are on.

D: Since A is still out of touch today we have with us as a guest author; Mr. John W. Howell the world-famous scientist and writer of intriguing stories about the early mating habits of the Druid clan─

J: Um excuse me D but that is not correct.

D: What part is not true? Scientist? World famous? Writer?

J: I know nothing of the mating habits of Druids and I am not a scientist nor am I world-famous.

D:  These are the notes I have. Oh wait, these are about John Milton. Did A made a mistake in asking you to guest today?

J: Well that remains to be seen, but I am not sure where you got that bio, but it is not me.

D: Your name is John right?

J: That is correct.

D: You are a writer?

J: Yes that is also correct.

D: What have you written?

J: Well my second novel is being edited by the publisher as we speak and the third is about three quarters finished.

D: Your second you say? Where is the first?

J: Well I printed the manuscript on my computer and it is in my laundry room.

D: Laundry room? What’s that and what is your manuscript doing there?

J: A laundry room is where you wash clothes and it is holding the door open.

D: You have a door on your creek? How do you do that?

J: Creek? What do you mean creek? *sigh*

D: We druids wash our clothes at the creek on the rocks.

J: No, no today there are rooms set aside to wash clothes.

D: How do you get a creek to run through a room? Oh never mind.(rolls eyes) Why is the manuscript holding the door open?

J: So the wind won’t slam it shut.

D: I am getting the opinion you are avoiding the question. Why isn’t the manuscript where it can be read?

J: Because it is lousy.

D: Covered in bugs?

J: The story needs work so there it sits. I guess I should look at it again but I have been so darned busy.

D: Yes busy is the curse of creative people I have found. Too busy for this, too busy for that.

J: Is the interview over?

D: I didn’t even get to ask you about your book.

J: That’s okay. When I get a launch date maybe A will let me come back.

D: *mumbles*

J: Sorry, I missed that.

D: Yeah sure she will invite you back to describe a little more your clothes washing habits and your first book. You’ll pardon me if I don’t see you out, but I need to prepare a report for A on this meeting. Goodbye John er…

J: Howell. The last name is Howell.  That’s okay I dropped some crumbs and can follow them out. Bye now.

D: Very well.*Mumbles* Damn mice. Good luck

John W. Howell

John’s main interests are reading, writing and sometimes arithmetic.  He turned to writing as a full-time occupation after an extensive career in business.  John writes thriller fiction novels and short stories. His story Cold Night Out won an honorable mention in Writers Digest Popular Fiction contest this year. He also won first place in the Kurt Vonnegut Kilgore Trout novel contest just announced in April, celebrating Kurt Vonnegut as an author. His short story Never Give Inn was selected to be published in the Miracle E-zine fifth issue published in April.

He spends off time reconditioning a 1978 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser and consulting with major companies in the areas of strategic planning and marketing. (The arithmetic part)

John lives on Mustang Island in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of south Texas with his wife Molly and their spoiled rescue pets.

John has finished his debut novel and has signed a contract with Martin Sisters

Read more at Fiction Favorites – and many thanks to John for joining the D/A Dialogues today!

Phoning it in

D: I can’t believe you’re typing this on your phone.

A: I know – watch out for autocorrect fails.

D: Auto-what? A it’s bad enough you didn’t listen to your intuition and do this at lunch. Must you add insult to injury?

A: Yes?

Anyway, this is supposed to be my first-of-the-month, Rome Construction Crew Update. I think, in light of the fact that I’m posting this in 3G, those updates and goals for the month shall be brief.

D: Can you actually manage brief?

A: With you? Not bloody likely! If you could refrain–

D: From being me?

A: I’d consider it a favor.

D: I suppose, under the circumstances–

A: Cheers, D. So, progress:

  • Part 2, first draft, is complete, as is the first read-through. I have some structural edits to make, but it’s decent.
  • Also have an outline for part 3 and wrote the first 500 words… The outline is on my google drive, and thus unavailable to me, but im pretty sure I haven’t trashed it.

D: Yet.

A: D!!

D: Sorry.

A: No you’re not.

D: Who’s wasting 3G bandwidth now??

A: You don’t even know what that is – but good point.

  • On a personal note, I’m doing better at the whole low-sugar, grain-free thing (paleo/primal), and resurrected my exercise regime. Weight is, for now, steady – higher, but steady.
  • Garden is in and flourishing. Late spring / early summer sucked weather-wise, but the potatoes are practically gleeful.

D: Can potatoes even be–

A: (Glare)

D: Right – oh look, a blue box.

A: Madman.

  • Finally, I’m waiting for the Part 1 beta readers’ feedback, but I think each “Book” in the Out of Time (working title) series, will a self-contained series. It feels more appropriate to Book 1 anyway, and means interesting things for Books 2 & 3.

Goals for July

  • Signed up for the July Camp (insert abbreviation jumble that means I’m writing 50k words in a month here). That will take care of Parts 2 and 3. 2013-Participant-Lantern-Circle-Badge
  • Develop and prep food/recipe cleanup project, which I hope to debut by month-end. D will not feature.
  • Start researching potential agents/markets. After much research, I know I haven’t the personal resources to self-publish in a way that would please my hidden perfectionist soul. Or impress enough people to at least make it pay for itself.
  • Complete my beta reading assignment – it has a deadline, so it’s a given (gotta have a few of those, right?!).
  • Set up all the delightful guest posts for my two-week child-free writing hermitage. All of you are fantastic. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
  • Read a book – preferably a frivolous, delightful book. I’m open to suggestions.
  • Also, I’m thinking of adding something along the lines of “The Story So Far” to this blog. It would be a road-map/synopsis of where I am in the Out of Time/Sean & Maureen journey and would introduce the players and the events a little better to give D and I a bit more context.

D:Make people feel a bit more welcome, perhaps? Help them understand the crazy universe that you reference willy-nilly as though we all had access to your head?

A: Says the character in my head.

D: Precisely. Are you done yet?

A: One more! I want to outline one longer piece of fiction and write two other short pieces that aren’t related to the Out of Time universe, and submit a piece I’ve been working on for the RCC.

D: Always have to have the last word, hm?

A: I learned from the Master, D.

Final last word (I promise): The time may be nigh (ok, in a year or so) for an adventure. If you could go anywhere, if things like Visas and Passports weren’t an issue, where would you go? How long would you stay? What would you do?