Random prompt

A: Hey, D, look – a new prompt at the Community Storyboard.
D: Prompt? Is it prompting you need, woman?
A: What? You don’t want me to tell the story about the first time you were whisked through time and impersonated a god?
D: Oh, well . . . when you put it *that* way. . .
A: (Eye roll) Thanks, D – check out “the first time” prompt, everyone – and have fun with it!

Weekly Prompt for November 17, 2013

A: Check it out, D.

D: It’s a spider web.

A: It’s a prompt picture at the Community Storyboard.

D: It’s a beautiful spider web.

A: (Eye-roll) Better. Take a gander at this picture, everyone and submit your prose, short-story, essay or poem!

D: Hey, look – there’s leaves too.

A: Nothing escapes your eagle eyes, does it?

D: Nope. I’m highly trained for this sort of thing.

A: Good to know, D. Good to know.

Bodacious bard bandies ballads

By Green Embers

By Green Embers

D: Bodacious?

A: You have a problem with bodacious?

D: No, but didn’t it go out of style sometime in the late twentieth century?

A: The time-traveler is worried about going out of style?

D: Well, yes – I’d like to fit in.

A: Fit in? You wear a cloak and carry a big sword and staff for crying out loud.

D: Yes, in your head – but when I was a man-about-town, I always tried to keep abreast of what was fashionable.

A: Dandy.

D: What was that?

A: You heard me. Popinjay.

D: Is it my fault I cut a fine figure?

A: (Eye roll) No – so are you going to bandy ballads or what, you bodacious bard?

D: You are incorrigible.

A: Indeed – take it away, D!

D: If you read this blog, chances are you’re either A) crazy, B) a fan of the written word, or C) a writer yourself—

A: Do they have to be just one of those things?

D: . . . No – likely they’re all three.

A: Likely.

D: In that case, everyone who reads this should be as excited as you and I are to be a part of the Legends of Windemere Blog Tour and Cover Reveal blitz starting November 25. If you would like to feature that truly bodacious scribe, Charles Yallowitz’ third tale in the series, Allure of the Gypsies, head on over to his blog, Legends of Windemere and sign up!

A: Sarah M. Cradit, of . . . And then there was Sarah is also doing a cover reveal for her third book in the House of Crimson and Clover series, The Illusions of Eventide. The reveal is on November 16, so contact Sarah today if you would like to participate.

D: A, why haven’t you watched Game of Thrones yet?

A: Um, that was a quick shift – never hear of transitions, D?

D: . . .

A: Fine. I don’t have cable, and I’m currently blacklisted at the library . . . again.

D: You need to stop doing that.

A: You’re telling me! So no, I haven’t yet indulged in Game of Thrones – why do you ask?

D: Because one of our favorite people, Helena Hann-Basquiat did a wonderful send-up for the Friday Fictioneers.

A: Ah, so it’s Helena’s distinctive voice and knife-edge humor that drew you in, yes?

D: Um. Yes. That’s right.

A: (Eye-roll) Good to know you’re still a guy, D, despite your years.

D: I’m feeling like I should be offended by that.

A: You probably should, but maybe for the sake of brevity, you should let it slide.

D: All right. Just this once.

A: Cheers, D. In other news, There’s a new prompt at the Community Storyboard – check out Julian Froment’s prompt and prose for “Tomorrow.”

D: And the heavens only know if A will actually manage a response to the prompt (lazy wench) but click away below for those who have lent their creativity and prose to the CSB in response to the prompt.

A: You know, I could – there’s always tomorrow…

D: . . .

A: See what I did there, with the—

D: Yes, A. I see.

A: Kill joy.

Well, that’s all for this evening folks – I’ve been a pretty lazy blogger this week. For more outside-world updates, you can catch D and I at Green Embers’ Recommends – we run our shtick on most Fridays and we have some fun ones planned for this Friday. In the meantime, check out GE Recommend’s entertainment reviews – it’s well worth the click!

On the third day of NaNo. . .

On the third day of NaNo, my true muse gave to me

Three cough drops

Two cuddly kitties

And a family that’s dear to me.


D: Three cough drops?

A: Yep.

D: Only three?

A: Nope.

D: At least three?

A: Yep.

D: Now now, don’t get all loquacious on me, A.

A: Sorry, I had a cough drop. What were you saying?

D: You do this on purpose, don’t you?

A: Pretty much. Look, it was the first thing that popped into my head. I could very well have said three ginger snaps, three fun naps or three episodes of Spaced, but that one doesn’t rhyme, so it’s out.

D: . . . Or three doses of cold medicine. You know, you’re kind of fun on Nyquil, A. How many fingers am I holding up?

A: . . . 3?

D: (Puts up two more fingers) Close enough. You know what else comes in threes?

A: Don’t say bad things. We’ve had two near-misses this week, a third is pretty much going to turn all my hair white.

D: Oh, you mean it’s not already?

A: Shush.

D: I was going to say good things, Miss Pessimistic-Pants.

A: Oh. Well. Good. That’s good, D. Miss Pessimistic-Pants?

D: Don’t judge, A. As I was saying, I will see your three cough drops and raise you three good pieces of news.

A: Um, are we playing poker with my NonNaNo posts?

D: Can you think of anything better?

A: Not really, no. Take it away, D!

By Green Embers

By Green Embers

D: While A toddles off to her tissue-filled rest, please allow me to give my congratulations to a talented gentleman who has taken on the task of bringing me to life visually, not once, but twice. The talented Green Embers has released his first novella, A Lich’s Tale and Other Stories. Check it out.

Second, the lovely Sarah M. Cradit is responsible for this week’s prompt at the Community Storyboard: Childhood Memories. I’m interested to see how A – and everyone else for that matter – will careen down memory lane.

Finally, the most-excellent and prolific scribe of Windemere, Charles Yallowitz, is releasing his third book in the series on December 1 and he needs you, yes you, and yes you too. And yes, madam, you as well. Ah, and the gentleman in the top hat – I think he requested you by name, good sir—

A: Uh, D?

D: Oh yes. Sorry – do forgive me. Where was I? Right – Charles is looking for volunteers to celebrate the release of his book, Legends of Windemere: Allure of the Gypsies. Check it out and sign up!

A: Well done, D. In this case of NonNaNo Poker, I fold. Your 3 good news totally beats my 3 cough drops.

D: Well, obviously.

A: I think on the fourth day, D gets to learn graciousness.

D: I’m sorry, A – your voice is a little muffled with  that cold. Was that greatness?

A: How about humility?

D:  Ah, great ability you mean? Why yes, I do have quite a bit of that.

A: I give up. Good night, folks!

This is the third in a series. Each day, either D or I (or both) will discuss what the 30 days of my Non-NaNo have given us. Stay tuned.

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Spooktacular Stories & Alarming Adventures

adventureswithD-final (1)

A: Come play with us at the Community Storyboard for my response to the Ghost Prompt: The House at Carrick Close: Visitors for a ghostly prompt

D: Why are we venturing forth when the edits for Book 1 are not complete?

A: Um . . .

D: It’s the night before NaNo, A.

A: And all through the house. . . (Sorry, Papi, I had to – your poem is stuck in my head … and gave me a great idea for posts for the month of NaNo! Cheers for that!)

D: So sorry to interrupt your terribly one-sided parenthetical – Sheesh, you’d think you’d at least talk to me during those.

A: Not everything is about you, D.

D: . . . It’s not . . . ? I’m – I’m not sure what you mean, A.

A: Well, you remember Charlie–

D: Sticky little runt – he’s still eyeing up my dagger, A.

A: Oh my god, he’s six. Chill, D. It’s Halloween and as fun and annoying as you are, you’re not spooky. Charlie and Kate’s story is a ghostly tale and any time a creepy prompt comes up, they’re beside themselves when I don’t take up the challenge and give them a bit of an airing. Little do they know they’re cooped up in their little seaside cottage for a few years yet.

D: Muahahaha.

A: Pardon?

D:  Diabolical laughter, A. Wasn’t it sinister enough? I can try again, because that is probably the scariest Halloween tale of terror any author can dream up!

A: Oh no, that was plenty sinister. Nice job, D. Just don’t take off your mask – we don’t want to terrify the readers.

D: What mask – this is my . . . Oh. I get it . Very funny, A (bloody woman).

A: Happy Halloween, D – Happy Halloween, everyone!

For Promptings from Beyond | Read more about The House at Carrick Close

Promptings From Beyond

adventureswithD-final (1)D: From beyond where, A?

A: The grave? Sanity? Saskatchewan?

D: . . .

A: Oh, lighten up, D – It’s Halloween Week. I love me some spooky fun and as it was my turn to do the prompt for the Community Storyboard, I did what I could.

D: If you also like spooky fun, as A calls it, head over to the Community Storyboard for your own dose of haunted inspiration with this week’s prompt.

Adventure with us!

I’m not much a reblogger. That’s why I have the tale-telling (Spooky Sagas is our latest edition) and a plethora of links in most of my posts.

Yet I’m an editor at the Community Storyboard, an associate editor at Green Embers Recommends, as well as a contributor at the Rome Construction Crew (a very bad contributor who just likes to talk about how cats killed the internet). I’ve always wanted a different way to share those posts and stories with you, and that’s where Green came in.

I saw Rarasuar’s ‘On the Road‘ graphic and said – yes! That’s how it’s done. So, I commissioned Green (yes, he takes commissions. Yes, he’s awesome. Click on that link; you won’t be sorry) to do a graphic of D and me setting sail for other lands/blogs to tell our tale.

And this is what he came up with:

adventureswithD-final (1)

Isn’t it spectacular?

This was my first email this morning and on top of finally (finally!) getting the first six chapters ‘right’ on Part 2 and making significant headway in the edits for the book, this made my day. And it wasn’t even 9 am! Add to that a Halloween get-together (I am going to rock the Bellatrix Lestrange costume, thank you!) and my day is looking pretty darned fabulous.

Thank you, Green!

You know who else takes commissions? Dean at Deanz Doodlez. He’s also awesome. Check him out!