Defining the Dialogue

On helping the you make heads-or-tails of our tale so far. Please note, the passages quoted in the links below have either been edited beyond recognition, or removed entirely from the Changelings series in its current form. The story they tell, however, remains.

A good introduction: The Race

A stand-alone short story, The Race is set between Parts 1 and 2 of Changelings: Into the Mist, but has background enough to bring you up to speed on Sean McAndrew, Maureen O’Malley and their adventures through time. This short story currently has a home at the Community Storyboard.

In the Beginning – Part 1: Pirate

And so it begins

We meet again

Alone in the wilderness

Every day is a holiday

The lurker

Is that all you care about?

Inspire me

Lost in translation

A traitor’s fate

Once more into the breach

The importance of blending in

The bunnies made me do it

The History Lesson

A picture is worth. . .

On with the Show

And then the War Came – Part 2: Martyr

It’s all in your head

More links coming soon!

Into Faerie – Part 3: Rebel

We haven’t posted on this part yet – stay tuned!

Where do we go from here – Part 4: Prince

Where do we go from here (Chapter sneak peek! At the Community Storyboard)

Man in the Mist (Sneak Peek! At the Community Storyboard)

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