Changelings on Tour: Sue Vincent

sueDay four of the Changelings Blog tour has Sue Vincent, of the blog, Daily Echo, as host.

I stumbled on Sue’s blog way back in the first fledgling days of my blogging journey. She not only expressed spiritual ideas I found familiar and inspiring, but showcased some of the most beautiful images of her corner of Britain that I have ever seen. If I hadn’t already wanted to make my way across the pond for a visit, seeing England through Sue’s eyes – particularly the spiritual and esoteric knolls and valleys she tramped across – certainly would have demanded my attention.

Then I found out not only was she a gifted writer, but her dog had a decidedly wicked and cheeky sense of humor as well. You can even purchase a volume of Ani’s musings on the world!

Sue is a very proud mum whose persistent optimism, tenacity and devotion are a stirring reminder of the unconditional love of a parent. I feel honored to have been allowed to peer into her corner of the world through her words, and even more honored that she’s let my work grace her page. Of course, she has an insight into a crusty druid like D, and something tells me he feels a little bit at home in Sue’s space!

Regardless, Sue, thank you so much for your support, your kind words and your encouragement!

Sue’s Vision

Words: Sue has quite a few books and all of them look wonderful, so I’m going to point you to her Amazon Author Page, wherein you can go wild, much like a child in the proverbial candy shop (I know I did!).

Life: When the Dawn is Your Teacher

Love: A Day to Smile

Spirituality: To Dare, To Dream, To Be 

On Sale Now!

On Sale Now!

Changelings on Tour: Pamela Beckford

Day three of the Changelings Blog tour has Pamela Beckford, she of The Year ‘Round Thanksgiving Project and Poetry by Pamela, as host.

Pam, and her fabulous new haircut!

Pam, and her fabulous new haircut! was fortunate enough to meet Pam through Green Embers/Building Rome. I was immediately enamored with the premise behind her blog: that the act of giving thanks is not just a one-day event. It is a daily event, a challenge to see the good in the world around us all the time. In reading Pam’s words – her musings and her daily anecdotes – I am reminded to live mindfully and actively look for things that make me happy – no matter how small.

As I read her blog, I began to see that although Pam considered herself a reader first and foremost – and warm sunny afternoons on her deck buried in a book being her idea of heaven (mine too) – she had a way with words. She wrote regularly for the Community Storyboard and eventually released her first volume of poetry, Dreams of Love. Two more have followed, Voices of Nature and Love: Lost and Found, and they are beautiful. If you haven’t picked up your copy of these books, you should.

No, really – you should. Don’t worry. I’ll wait – because whether it is to give life to the beauty of the world around us, or the joy in a lover’s touch, Pam has a keen insight and a remarkable way with words.

And aside from being a very proud mama and grandma (of one of the cutest kids around), Pam is a diligent promoter of other authors and a proponent of early reading initiatives. I have a feeling that if one has Pam in their corner, they have a fierce and steadfast friend – and I am very pleased to be counted among those she encourages. Thank you so much, Pam!

Pam’s Poetry

Reader: The Night Ones Review

Poet: Suns and Moons (Triple Tanaga) 

Promoter: Read Tuesday

Educator: Calling all Children’s Authors

On Sale Now!

On Sale Now!


Changelings on Tour: Marie Anne Bailey

Day two of the Changelings Blog tour has Marie Anne Bailey, of 1WriteWay, playing host. What can I say about Marie?

I love this picture of Marie, because you can just

I love this picture of Marie, because you can just see the last bits of pink in her hair. Yes, Marie dyed her hair pink. Yes, Marie is my hero.

She is one of the most genuine people I know. Her compassion and open heart are tempered with wisdom and good humor. I’m not exactly certain how I found Marie – I think it might have been through Building Rome – but she has become such a part of my world that the starting point matters little.

I really got to know Marie – and her work – through the creative collective, The Community Storyboard. She quickly became one whose opinion I valued, for its hsincerity and honestly. Marie is a wonderful promoter of other writers, while also being an accomplished writer herself. Many of her pieces have been featured on The Community Storyboard as well as her own site. She’s turned her characters into her reviewers, incorporated her blogging world into her writing world in ways I could only dream of doing. When she chooses to release her books, I am going to be the first in line to pick them up!

Finally, on a personal note – and as a personal thank you – Marie was one of the beta readers for Changelings. Her thoughts and opinions were a vital part of later revisions.  She made me think about the book as it was, and as I wanted it to be. I have to believe that the story is better because her eyes were on it.

So please, stop by Marie’s site – you won’t regret it (and do tell her I – and D – said hi!).

Some Write Highlights

NaNoWriMo: Clemency, the Novel In-Progress

Reviewer: A Different Kind of Book Review

Collaborator: A Date with a Druid

Vignettes (and a personal favorite):  A Love Letter to a Young Man in a Foreign Land

Guest Writer: A Random Act of Kindness

On Sale Now!

On Sale Now!

Changelings on Tour: Green Embers

Green is also a fantastic artist. This logo – © Bradley Corbett – is a prime example.

To kick off the Changelings Blog Tour is my good friend and podcast buddy, Bradley Corbett, aka Green Embers.

He’s a cartoonist, html and css wizard, blogger and occasional writer (which he should do more of – he’s pretty good at it). He’s responsible for the colorful version of my blog tour page (thank you, Green), and he enjoys TV, movies and games, and all sorts of tech-geekery, which makes his opinions on Green Embers Recommends an entertaining read. And, considering I’m all over geekery, our show, the Not-So-Shocking News Dialogues, are more like conversational windows into an organized nerd fest. Which is fantastic.

His motivation of his fellow friends and bloggers knows no bounds – and has come in many incarnations. I first met ‘Green’ as I often call him, through the Building Rome project. Its mission was simple: Rome was not built in a day. To achieve one’s goals, one needs to take it a day at a time, and Building Rome was a place for people of all walks of life to do that.

© Bradley Corbett

© Bradley Corbett

That Building Rome site had hiccups and challenges of its own, but Brad now runs it through his main site, Green Embers, as a weekly reminder and update. It is a delightful and friendly way to keep on track and enjoy the encouragement of your blogosphere friends – as well as encourage your own support network. I also look at it as a way of holding yourself accountable to your own goals, but learning to forgive oneself for missteps and setbacks.

In that vein, Brad has been a wonderful cheerleader as I ignore everyone and everything in the effort to publish and now market the book. So, head over to Green Embers and Green Embers Recommends for a dose of fabulousness – and tell Green I said hi!

Some Green Highlights

Fiction: The Brothers Todd

Encouragement: Building Rome Week 46, Goals

Podcastery: The Not So Shocking News Dialogues, Episode 12: Rise of Marvel, Possibly Streaming

Review Mastery: The Flash (TV Review)


On Sale Now!

On Sale Now!

Counting my blessings

3dfrontA: What a day, D.

D:Yeah, man. Whew. What a day—

A: What are you doing?

D: Um, commiserating?

A: Stop. It’s just weird.

D: Oh, thank heavens. So, are you a bestseller yet?

A: (Sigh) I think I liked weird better.

D: Whatever, woman. Don’t dodge the question.

A: I’m better than a bestseller – I’ve been blessed with a tremendous amount of support, and that alone makes this day – not to mention this week (month, year, ect.) – amazing. Bloggers Dean, Pamela, Charles, Helena, John, Sue, Marie, Jack Susan, Andra and Brad either reblogged, Tumbled, Tweeted, Facebooked, reviewed – or did a combination of all four – the release of the book and I am so very thankful they did so. Then there are the people in my real life  who supported the crowdfunding, spread the word and allowed me to cajole them into buying a digital or hard copy in person (Christopher, Dawn, Mom, Christine, Jim S., Judy, KC, Molly, Derek and Pat – if you’re reading this: thank you).


Spreading the word keeps us in ink and quills… er, or hard drives and software!

D: Counting your blessings indeed.

A: And that’s not all.

D: No?

A: Nope – the latest Not-So-Shocking News podcast at Green Embers Recommends went live today, and it is pretty awesome. Brad did a great job editing.

D: Now, about that – I’ve been thinking.

A: Oh dear.

D: Ahem. I’ve been thinking that—

A: Stop right there. I know who should be your voice actor.

D: Oh no, not again. If it’s another Keanu Reeves—

A: It isn’t. You’ll like this one.

D: . . .

A: Chris Evans.

D: You want Captain America to be my voice? Um, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m from what is now Scotland.

A: I know, I know – and I’m not talking about Captain America Chris Evans (although there is absolutely nothing wrong with that). I’m talking about Snowpiercer Chris Evans.

D: Oh. . . . What’s the difference?

A: Smolder.

D: Oh dear. Here we go again.

Not only was the movie fan-freaking-tastic, that's some lovely smolder.

Not only was the movie fan-freaking-tastic, that’s some lovely smolder.

A: Just look at the picture, D.

D: … All right. I’ll consider it.

A: Ha!

D: But that’s not who should really play me…

A: Oi! Spoilers!

In other news – if you’ve signed up for the launch party on November 15th, be sure to check out Facebook later this evening/tomorrow for contest updates and instructions for skype! If you haven’t signed up – what are you waiting for? Even if you can’t make it in person, just by saying “I’m going” your name will be entered to win a fabulous bundle of goodies, including a signed hard copy of Changelings, a beautiful tablet cover, a poster and a ridiculously awesome mug. There will be two winners drawn – one from the physical attendees and another from the virtual!

D: And if you don’t feel like leaving it to chance, you can always check out the IndieGoGo campaign page to order signed copies, t-shirts, bookmarks and all sorts of … inventive merchandise.

A: Admit it, D. You want a mug.

indiegogoheader - BLOGD: I admit nothing… Although, it would go nicely with my cloak.

A: And there you have it, folks – from the Druid himself! The IndieGoGo campaign runs through December 5, although if you’ve already contributed, your prizes are going out this weekend! Thank you all so much for all your support. I could not have gotten this far without all of you.

D: And remember, if you’ve picked up a book today, happy reading – and if you haven’t, check it out on Amazon!