Mirror Interview #7: Katie Sullivan

adventureswithD-final (1)D: So, um, A, are you aware that you are over at Readful Things, talking to yourself?

A: . . . .

D: Of course, you’re calling it a “Mirror Interview,” but the fact remains: you’re talking to yourself.

A: Yes, D. I am.

D: Just so we’re both on the same page here.

A: (Eyeroll). Right. Anyway, go check out the Mirror Interview that Ionia was so very kind to allow me to do on her blog space (and Charles was so kind as to post)!

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    • Thank you, Jack – it’s really exciting (and mildly terrifying). Now that summer is (nearly) over, my brain is getting itself back in gear to deal with the practical/business end of publishing a book! What a ride, indeed! 🙂

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