A Not-Shocking-Adventure: Striking Back

adventureswithD-final (1)D: Did I ever tell you about the time I avenged the death of my mentor by slicing his murderer in half?

A: Uh. . . I’m not sure. Is this a threat of some sort because I’ve been MIA from the blog?

D: No.

A: Good. In that case, no, I did not know that – but it sounds oddly familiar.

D: Or, how about the time I wasted romantically away in a French slum, mourning the loss of my lady-love?

A: Oh my god, you *would* attempt to waste away romantically.  And no, you didn’t tell me that, either. What is going on, D? And why do I have the faintest thought that I’ve heard all this before?

D: Then there was the time I was a young, rootless reporter, chasing after the story of a secret military program.

A: Okay, stop right there, Druid.

D: What?

A: I’m on to you. Those things do sound familiar, but you didn’t do them!

D: How do you know?

A: Because those are all Ewan McGregor movies. I knew you were going to get back at me for having a podcast without you (go on, click the link. D can wait).

D: Who says I wasn’t there, hm? (Go on, click the link for an Easter Egg. A can wait).

A: . . .

Is Ewan McGregor the Voice of D? He certainly has the accent for it! Photo credit: Yui Mok/PA Wire

Is Ewan McGregor the Voice of D? He certainly has the accent for it!
Photo credit: Yui Mok/PA Wire

D: I digress. Perhaps you are right, A, but did you consider that Ewan McGregor is really the perfect actor to voice me because he was already playing me for years, without knowing it?

A: . . . You and your time travel defy logic.

D: Perhaps for you, A. Admit it – before I ever became a prisoner of your mind, it is entirely possible that I could have been as awesome as the characters Ewan McGregor plays.

A: Prisoner of my mind, indeed.

D: I notice how you don’t deny it.

A: I have learned that contradicting you is pointless.

D: Indeed.

A: Did you know, now that the book is nearing publication (only 5 months to go! I should totally have a countdown on the blog–)

D: (You would need to be on the blog in order to have a countdown.)

A: (Killjoy.) Anyway, now that we’re nearing publication, we have to think audio books.

D: You mean I may truly get a voice?

A: Yes!

D: Have you contacted Mr. McGregor’s people, then?

A: No!

D: Oh.

A: Don’t look so dejected, D. I was thinking someone a little more local. A little more affordable, too. But you can, you know, keep on hoping. Maybe the stars will align and you’ll get the voice actor of your dreams.

D: Now you’re just humoring me.

A: Actually I was trying to provide a segue into a closing song, but humoring you works, too. Thanks for reading everyone, and enjoy the podcast, Episode 9: Rise of the Revengeance of the Fleshies Striking Back, over at Green Embers’ Recommends. And just in case you are wondering, yes you CAN subscribe to us on iTunes!!

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  1. Oh oh! Ewan McGregor would be awesome as D’s voice! D, I’m voting with you on this one! (I probably shouldn’t encourage him, lol). Woot, go on everyone, click and listen! 😀

    • Ewan McGregor is a fan favorite here, too! Alas, unless he’s good with “charity case” I’m fairly certain I could not afford the fees!! 🙂 Oh well, back to the drawing board!

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