A Not-So-Shocking Adventure: Rhyme and Neeson

adventureswithD-final (1)A: What is that on your head?

D: Don’t you like my mane?

A: . . .

D: I wanted to see how I would look as a lion. After all, the majestic ruler of the Animal Kingdom and I share similar qualities.

A: No. No one is as #Majestic as this man.

D: No, A. I refuse to allow you to convince me that a dwarf can be my voice.

A: Why not? He has your forbidding glare. And besides, he’s not a dwa—

D: No. I want Liam Neeson.

A: (Sigh) The lion’s mane. Seriously? You think the man who was essentially Jesus could be your voice?

This man has been the voice of God, a Jedi, and a revolutionary... could he be D, too?

This man has been the voice of Jesus (as a lion), a Jedi, and a revolutionary… could he be D, too?

D: He was also assassinated as Michael Collins, but I’m not going to hold that against him.

A: (Eye roll) I’m sure he appreciates your forbearance.

D: Admit it A, you can’t find fault with this choice. He’s perfect.

A: . . . I do believe Green and I have created a monster. Thank heavens our podcasts are so much fun (even if I fail at picking titles! Episode 7: Untitled is fab, and you should go listen. Don’t worry, we’ll wait).

D: If by fun, you mean ridiculous.

A: Actually, I usually do mean ridiculous.

D: I knew—

A: And that’s why they’re awesome! Go on, everyone. Check out the podcast and the show notes over at Green Embers Recommends. And while you’re there, check out the other great reviews by Green, Phoebe and Roxie!

0 thoughts on “A Not-So-Shocking Adventure: Rhyme and Neeson

  1. If Liam’s busy I think the Druid should consider Anthony Hopkins. Another fine Celt even though he’s from the wrong part of Wales as the Druidic Uni was on Anglesey (Mona) in the North. I’m sure D would have thought of that already of course.
    xxx Hugs xxx

  2. I’ve had this love/hate relationship with Neeson. In some movies, he’s amazing, like Schindler’s List, Taken and The Lego Movie, which I don’t mind. But in others, like Kinsey–I get shivers by some of the awful characters he’s played. Lately, though, he’s been amazing in everything he’s starred in! He certainly has redeemed himself in my books! 😉

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