Challenge Accepted: Fifty Words



 The Hoard

“I’m telling you, snufflecakes, we go in, we hit him fast and we hit him hard.”


It was going to his head.

“But what about the hoard you just plundered?”

“This? It’s nothing. Cast-offs. I want the real deal.”

Dragon gold. I groaned. Why was it always dragon gold?

At fifty words exactly, my response to the Daily Post’s Weekly Challenge, Fifty.

And because I can’t follow the rules – and had some fun with the fifty-word limit – today’s runner-ups:

The Goddess Herself: Isis

The goddess herself: Isis


Minion, fetch me my food.

Slave, my water, now.

Yes my queen, I mutter, though not loud enough to hear.

For she is not queen, but goddess.

I scurry to obey her command.

An imperious paw touches my cheek. Whiskers brush by, and a purr tells me I’ve done well.


* * *

Spring's proof of life

Spring’s proof of life


“Do you know what that is?”

I cock an eyebrow. “A plant.”


I grit my teeth at the sigh in his voice. My mouth is open to argue, but he closes it with a kiss.

I don’t resist. It’s been a long winter.

“It’s spring’s proof of life.”


0 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted: Fifty Words

  1. I dunno why, but the Isis story super cracks me up. Especially since she has the name of a goddess. 😆

    Dragon gold! Hmm, I’ll just hang back, the party can go ahead… oh I know. Send the Hobbit! 😀

  2. I like all three, but if I had to pick a winner, it would be Minion. You probably guessed that 🙂 By the way, one of the nicknames for my favorite kitty (RIP Mikey) was Snugglebunny. If he was still around, I’d probably start calling him Snufflecakes 😉

        • Oh yes – and since she likes to entertain my mom’s patients during the day, she considers herself the center of everyone else’s universe, too! She’s very sweet, though, when not bossy. She’s a rescue, and has some separation anxiety – so I can hardly blame her! 🙂

    • Yeah, she’s winning the crowd this week. She is *very* pleased with herself! I’m fairly partial to cats too, but there was just something so ridiculous about a hardened thief succumbing to dragon gold madness and calling everyone snufflecakes… plus, I just found that pic. of The Boy, and had to use it. Can’t believe my baby is 13!

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