You Bingo? I Bingo. Book Bingo!

A: Do you know, that if you write the word “bingo” often enough, it looks like the word is spelled wrong.

D: You said that about “mysteries” yesterday.

A: And I wasn’t wrong. It looks funny.

D: . . .

A: Stop tapping your foot at me. Yes, I have a point.

D: Oh, blessed day. Pray tell, what is that point?

A: Book Bingo.

D: . . . that tells me nothing, woman.

A: How about a graphic?bingo2 (1)

D: That’s better. So, what is this book bingo?

A: Well, the good people can read about it here, but over the next three months I’ll try to complete my bingo card and –

D: Oh, wait, let me guess, at the end of it you’ll be like that blue-haired grand dame and try to beat out the other ladies in the church bingo group.

A: Uh, D. . . is there something about your Friday nights I should know about?

D: Nah, just worry about the Monday mornings.

A: That mental image will never leave me, now. Thank you, D.

D: My pleasure. So, how do people find out more about this bookish bingo?

A: They go to Great Imaginations, and if they’re interested in participating, they sign up by tomorrow, April 9.

D: I hear Green is in on it, too.

A: He is. He’s the one who tapped my shoulder and reminded me that perhaps I should read while I, you know, write.

D: So long as it does not interrupt your work on my story, I fully endorse this endeavor.

A: Gee, D. I’m so glad you approve.

D: My pleasure. Now, go get reading woman. And writing. And, you know, the boy looks hungry. Maybe you should make him a snack.

A: Anything else?

D: No, I think that covers it, for now.

A: Oh, blessed day.

D: I think you’re mocking me.

A: I am, but lovingly, D. Have a great day, everyone – and as the Druid said, let’s get reading!

0 thoughts on “You Bingo? I Bingo. Book Bingo!

    • 🙂 Thank you, Jack!
      Now to find someone who can imitate D! (Of course, I could always do a comedy routine in which I’m talking to myself. Eddie Izzard does it all the time to great effect!)

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