A Not-So-Shocking Adventure: He’s got it Pegged

adventureswithD-final (1)D: I think I have it figured out, A.

A: Have what figured out, D? Is it the question that beggars the answer, 42?

D: No.

A: Have you figured out why there is something rather than nothing?

D: No, A. I figured—

A: Have you figured out what happens next?

D: Yes! Yes I have, A and what happens next is Simon Pegg is going to be my voice actor.

A: . . . You’re still going on about a voice actor?

D: So long as you insist on talking to the internet about cats, celebrities and a cacophonous conglomerate of craziness, I’m going to insist on having my own voice.

A: Please note that there were no cats mentioned in the recording of the Green Embers Recommends podcast, except in the title. Go on, go listen. We’ll wait.

* * *

D: As I was saying—

A: And may I interrupt here and say, that was an amazing array of alliteration, D.

D: Now you’re just mocking me.

A: I thought it was the other way around.

Is this the voice of D?  Nah!

Is this the voice of D?
… nah!

D: . . . Can I get back to Simon Pegg being my voice actor, please?

A: Of course.

D: Thank you  . . . of course, I don’t have anything else to say about that. Set it up, A.

A: Please. Set it up, A, please.

D: Fine. Please. . . and thank you.

A: That’s better. Why do you want him to voice you, D? I mean, he’s funny, certainly, but I’m just not seeing it.

D: You don’t have to see it, you have to hear it. I’ve heard him do different accents, A. I’m fairly certain he could handle mine.

A: I know, I know – and as I’ve said before, I admire his work, but are you sure he could do you justice?

D: You just don’t want people to hear me.

A: Actually, I don’t want to pay an actor to voice you, but should I fail in that endeavor, I’d like it to be right.

D: So, the comic genius who you and The Boy rave about is out?

A: Are you funny?

D: I see your point. But put him on the maybe list – I think he has potential, A.

A: (Eye roll) I’ll do that, D. I’m sure Mr. Pegg is so relieved you think so.

D: As well he should be. Enjoy the podcast everyone – A and Green certainly seem to.

Living Musically – Saturday Sillies

D: In which A combines news and music.

A: I think all news should be delivered musically.

D: So, should dirges accompany bad news and magical themes accompany happy news?

A: Other way around, really – you know just to see if people are paying attention.

D: You make no sense.

A: It’s Saturday sillies, D. I’m not supposed to. Plus, I’m on my third cup of high-test coffee. There will be no sense-making today.

D: Good to know. You don’t actually have that theme song on your phone, do you?

A: No. And that’s probably a good thing. That was The Boy’s contribution to today’s show.

D: Although, it does get me thinking. . .

A: Don’t think, D. Let’s dance instead.

D: You know who loves Bowie, A?

A: Helena. Helena loves Bowie.

D: Too right, and you know what’s going on with Helena today?

A: An Ask.FM Q&A session.

D: Right again – Do you know why?

A: Okay, I said I was a little over-caffeinated, not in need of having lines fed to me! Helena’s successful Kickstarter is over in just three hours (go – preorder now if you haven’t! There are some excellent incentives) today, and to celebrate, she and Jim Squires will be answering questions all afternoon on Ask FM.

D: And how do you plan on celebrating?

A: Well, first by joining her, and second, by putting the lime in the coconut.

D: Are those gorillas?

A: Yes.

D: Gorillas singing and playing instruments, singing about putting the lime in the coconut?

A: Again, yes.

D: This isn’t silly Saturday. This is surreal Saturday.

A: What, you never let your hair down?

D: Very droll, A.

A: So you’re telling me you’ve never gone full monty?

D: A! What a question to ask – you’re going to make a grown warrior blush.

A: Not bloody likely. Answer the question, Druid.

D: Does going  bare in the basin count?

A: In this case, yes. Totally. Speaking of natives. . .

D: This is more of your belated St. Patrick’s Day tribute, isn’t it?

A: What? I love me some Christy, D.

D: Wasn’t there supposed to be news in here?

A: Ah, yes, so there was – thank you, D. In Middle-Earth News, Gandalf needs help. He has a lot on his mind and if he doesn’t find what he’s looking for, I fear–

D: Seriously, A?

A: What? It’s hysterical (And many thanks to Perry for posting that and making my Friday – I’m a lurker on her site, and it just made me smile).

D: . . .

A: Almost as hysterical as this Oakentoon.

D: Are you quite finished?

A: Maybe.

D: Finally, I was—

A: Oh, wait! There’s middle-earth madness going on now.

D: . . .

A: Because, you know, it’s basketball season – I think – and people are betting on stuff, but I don’t know anything about basketball, so voting on Middle-Earth matchups seems so much more entertaining.

D: You know, A . . . I think. . .

A: Yes?

D: Hang on, I’m getting there. I think that you should put this in your pipe and smoke it.

A: That is not the Eddie Izzard clip I listened to in the car.

D: No. No it is not.

A: This one is better.

D: Yes. Yes, it is.

A: And with that, I think our Saturday Sillies are over.

D: Really?

A: Well, in the blogosphere. . . for now.

D: And with that threat, we bid you all a fond adieu.

A: Thank you for reading, everyone and have a great weekend!

What’s in a name?

Somewhere in this chaos is D's real name.

Somewhere in this chaos is D’s real name.

D, I call him. Druid. Dubh.

A title, he says.

If you’ve been reading here for a while, you know I only recently discovered D’s real name – the name he was born with, and not the name I had been calling him all these years. In my defense, it’s not easy for a character as old as D (1345 and counting) to keep one name. Languages change. People change. Countries rise and fall and what was once a mark of pride becomes shame, and back again.

And in D’s case, he gave up his real name when he became less than the man he wanted to be. He took on a title, an identity that would keep him safe. It was, perhaps, the only way he could armor himself against what he had become. That title became a shackle, one he had to destroy if he wanted to claim his real name, and with it a destiny and lineage he could be proud of.

Names are powerful. I’ve heard this more than once, and while my rational brain accepted it, I never quite knew how true it was. Sure, having the right name – one that suits you – just is. My son had his name picked out well before he was born – back when I thought maybe he was a she. But the moment his name popped into my head, I knew I was having a boy, and I knew his name was Thomas. I may have any number of nicknames for him (The Boy or The Kid being the most notable here) but he is, and forever shall be, Thomas.

D as imagined by Green Embers

D as imagined by Green Embers

D isn’t quite so clear-cut. How could he be, when he is by his very nature a man who walks between worlds? Each situation requires a different identity, and with that identity, came a new form of his name. Each one suited the times and the language. Each one portrayed a facet of his personality.

Writing his book became something of a mystery to solve, even though I wasn’t aware I was trying to find his real name. When I did find it, I realized his name – his real name – had been the key to unlocking his true self and undoing the resentment I’d held onto during the years in which I did not write.

That’s a lot of responsibility for a character, even one as epic as D. I don’t blame him for hiding his real name from me – not anymore (just don’t tell him that; he’s got a big enough head as it is). He has earned his real name back, and as I wade through book 2, I am happy – no, scratch that – honored to be able to use it.

Cheers, D.

For the WordPress Weekly Challenge: The Power of Names

Last Call at Casa de Hann-Basquiat

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Big-Hearted Julia and the Viral Canadian Gay Pride Coin

This. This needs eyes. Julia is an inspiration, and Helena is lucky to have an honorary niece like her. Personally, I think Helena’s post is a candidate to be Freshly Pressed – not for Helena; she’s had that honor – but for Julia. So Julia knows that small actions and words have an impact. So, tweet, reblog and make the blog-a-verse bear witness to an awesome little girl!