Living Musically – Scatterbrained Edition

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Happy Listening
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A: I think my iPod is trying to tell me something.

D: Um. . . you are aware that it is an inanimate object, correct?

A: Says the character in my head.

D: My point still stands.

A: All right, so I know just hitting “shuffle” on all songs is problematic, as it is likely that I will hear the same song twice – but twice in once week?

D: You know the trick, right?

A: Yes, follow Jack Flacco’s suggestion and make a smart playlist that only plays songs I haven’t listened to in over X-amount of days.

D: Oh, I was going to say . . . well, never mind. Jack is right.

A: No, what were you going to say?

D: No, really, it’s okay, A.

A: Tell me.

D: Wow, did you know your eyes get all funny and –

A: D.

D: Fine, I was going to mention something about pipers and a fiddler and (voice gets quieter) maybe some pan pipes

A: . . . Yeah, Jack’s suggestion works better. Be that as it may, I Found a Reason to verily and voraciously vaunt the veracity of vindictiveness.

D: Wow, I was going to taunt you for not making your alliteration make sense . . . but you did it, A.

A: Yeah. I did.

D: I bow down to your greatness.

A: Oh my god, are you dying?

D: No. I don’t even think Bjork is dying during that track A.

A: Maybe not, but it’s pretty.

D: You know what else is pretty?

A: Ponies?

D: No.

A: Butterflies?

D: No, A—

A: How about Pearls?

D: A!

A: (Grins) Yes, D?

D: You are hopeless. And obviously have had too much sugar.

A: Or not enough.

D: Did your iPod ever forgive you for giving it the Blues last week?

A: Sort of. It keeps taunting me though.

D: How so?

A: With this:

D: (Snicker) Oh, that’s not very nice. Anything else?

A: Well, this one made me smile a lot – even if it was wishful thinking.


D: Right, because you’re closer to the Heart of the Ocean than you are to summer.

A: But if I were in the ocean, I would have to ask a very pertinent question.

D: What’s that?

A: Where Are We Now?

D: Oh boy, this is getting a little ridiculous, A.

A: You know what that’s called, D?

D: I’m afraid to know.

A: Friday. That’s what it’s called.

D: (Eye roll) Do you have any other music you’d like to incorporate into our dialogue?

A: Only that I intend to go ‘Rock’n Me’ butt off tonight?

D: Really?

A: Does it count if it’s at the YMCA?

D: Are you quite finished?

A: Yes.

D: Finally.

A: I mean no – there are two honorable – or not-so-honorable as the case might be for the second one – mentions for this week.

D: You know, you were supposed to limit these lists to 5 songs, right?

A: Yeah, well, when have I ever followed the rules, even my own?

D: Right. Never. So, these mentions?

A: The Woodland Realm. One, because it is beautiful and two–

D: I know, I know, it came from the Hobbit Soundtrack. You really do need to implement Jack’s suggestion. You listen to that all week long.

A: I know, but when it comes up in “all songs” I have to list it. It’s required.

D: Uh huh. And the other one?

A: Super Freak.

D: There’s no need for that kind of language, A.

A: No, it’s the song.

It came on just as I was pulling into work – that was the biggest grin I’ve had at 7am in a long time!

D: . . . .

A: Don’t give me that look. Helena had Pornographers on her site (and some incredible music that I cannot wait to go home and listen to!)

D: Uh huh.

A: Smile, Druid – you know you want to. Happy Friday everyone. Hope you enjoyed my musical adventure this week – thank you for stopping by, reading and listening! 

0 thoughts on “Living Musically – Scatterbrained Edition

  1. I love that Cat Power version of the Velvet Underground song. And there’s a brilliant duet with Thom Yorke on that Bjork album called “I’ve Seen It All” that one of my favourites of hers.
    Joe Jackson does a fantastic cover of Summer In The City if you can put your hands on it.
    I think we need to raid each others’ music libraries.

    • I think we do – and I love “I’ve Seen it All!” – and when I found out it was Thom Yorke, it made me even happier. Also, adding Joe Jackson/Summer in the City to my list. It’s a very big list, now!

  2. Kama Sutra put out a lot of great tunes in my day. They are right up there with Motown, Columbia, and Capricorn Records…(of course, that’s an opinion…I just happen to like Charlie Daniels).

  3. I’m flattered knowing you both are talking about me! lol The don’t play in x amount of days works brilliantly on my iPod. Okay, so I listened to all your songs. Yes, all of them–not just saying that either! You have my taste in music, Katie! “I Found a Reason” is incredible. I love that video. It goes with what I was feeling all last week.

    Gosh, playlists are my favorite. I’m always playing with them. I have a playlists of albums that are great except for one or two songs. So I’ll make the album a playlist without the songs. Makes it all the more better not having to skip them every time I’m playing them. And I can loop the playlist, too!

    What else? Hmm… coincidentally, I’ve written a blog about playlists for this week’s Freedom Friday post–that’s kind of weird considering we’re talking about playlists! LOL Okay, I better get back to writing! 😉

    • Great minds, Jack – Great minds!
      I could spend hours – hours – on playlists, and often have. I can’t make music of any note (at least music that isn’t off-key and totally lacking in rhythm), so listening and compiling are my next favorite things!
      That’s a smart idea with the albums – of course, I’m always buying partial albums now, and I’ll do playlists just by artist – but sometimes its nice to listen to an ‘era’ of an artist as well! Can’t wait to see Friday’s post!

  4. I need some quiet time to listen to your list. These are great, Katie. For me, it’s a blend of familiar music with unfamiliar … although I wish Rick James was unfamiliar for me. For some reason, that guy freaks me out 😉

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