Working for the weekend

My favorite of the Polar Vortex memes.

My favorite of the Polar Vortex memes.

A: I’m singing in the rain, I’m singing in the rain!

D: Either you’re delusional or you are mocking the weather.  It rains in Scotland. It rains in England. It rains in Ireland. This. This is not rain.

A: Sorry, wishful thinking. One day my spring will come…

D: My irrational hatred for your weather allows me to overlook your off-key singing. How do you live like this? It’s not a fit night out for man or beast.

A: . . . You really liked that Rudolph movie, didn’t you?

D: I’d take that fog as thick as pea soup—

A: More like peanut butter—

D: Over this thing you call ‘wind chill.’

A: I agree. On the plus side, however, I have a few days off and thus will not have to brave our second bout with the Polar Vortex.

D: And what will you be doing with those few days off?

A: Well, there’s TC’s first forensics meet. He will be regaling us with “To Be or Not To Be.” And then there’s the viewing party for the play – I’ll finally get to see it from the front this time. And then there’s our second viewing of the Hobb

D: I did not mean ply us with your actual plans for the weekend, A. I was hoping more to lead you to acknowledge that you’ll be, you know, working.

A: (Sigh). Yes. That’s right. I lead such an exciting, glamorous life that I take time off work, to work. I will be writing for the majority of the next five days. I’ll be putting the final polish – and by that I mean changing the ending – of Into the Mist and hopefully (hopefully!) writing your half of The Coming Storm. And as much as I would, at this point, rather experience the UK’s somewhat dreary version of winter over ours, the Polar Vortex is enabling my intended hibernation.

D: You hear that sound, A?

A: Um, unless it’s your self-satisfied sighing, no.

D: That sigh is the sound of contentment, A. It is the sound of a happy—

A: Aggravating–

D: Character with purpose.

A: Well, I’m so glad. Just do me a favor.

D: Depends—

A: Let me sleep til 8. Can you do that for me, D? Please.

D: . . . .

A: For the love of the heavens, please?

D: For you, and for my book? Of course I’ll let you sleep.

A: Thank—

D: Of course, whether or not you allow yourself—

A: Don’t even say it, Druid. Don’t even say it.

D: Okay, A. May the gods give speed to your pen… or your typing.

A: So long as they give substance to my wit, I’ll be happy!

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    • I’ve laid in a good stock of hot cocoa and coffee. Tell you what, I’ll bargain with Mother Nature to send you the snow. The cold, I think, can stay in Antarctica or the North Pole, where it belongs! Ready for summer. Or, ready to move back to Ireland, where at least the winters are reasonable!

  1. This winter has been rather brutal, hasn’t it? Crazy storms hitting almost every other day, deep freeze temperatures–then there’s the booms at three in the morning ’cause of “Ice Quakes”, where the water flash freezes in the ground and the rupture causes the earth to make a wild boom-like sound, wreaking havoc in sleep patterns.

    Anyway, time for a hot tea to make the winter blues run away!

    • I’ve heard about those ice quakes – they sound horrible. Hearing the wind off the field next to our house is bad enough, but the ice quakes would probably do in in my nerves! Tea and hot chocolate it is!

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