Go Our Way for a Movie Review

adventureswithD-final (1)D: What is this “our” thing? You wrote the Going My Way review for Green Embers Recommends all by yourself.

A: Don’t pretend that you weren’t there vamping in the background of my head, adding a deeper bass to Mr. Crosby’s crooning.

D: I take exception to the term ‘vamping.’

A: That’s what I thought. Between your singing and the sniffling–

D: I did not sniffle.

A: Would you prefer I showcase the balled up tissues and sopping hanky?

D: Sniffling will do, A. Sniffling will do.

A: Cheers, D. So everyone, stop by Green Embers Recommends, check out my review of Going My Way, not to mention Green’s Helix review (so excited) and the most-excellent, first-podcast-ever with Sarah M. Cradit on the Hobbit movies!

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  1. Thanks so much for the shoutout… whoa.. you changed your theme! I like this one (liked the old one too). Thanks for doing the review Katie. I shall comment on it in a bit. (Work it beckons to me, lol). 😀

    • Thank you, Susan! New Years resolution – organization, and a baby-sister for the blog (author website). Was able to cross them both off this weekend. Let’s hope I can keep it clean!

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