The show goes on

Empty-stage-with-spotligh-004D (Enters stage right. Looks around, startled. It’s empty and quite dark): Hello? Hello, A? Where are you?

A: (Offstage, left): You’ll have to go on without me, D!

D: But I can’t – I don’t know how to make it out there on my own. It’s so dark, and and there’s set pieces I have to put out.

A: Welcome to my world, D.

D: Your world is kind of scary.

A: You’re telling me! At least there’s glow tape.

D: Glow tape?

A: Yeah, it’s this tape that glows in the dark. Oh my god, best thing ever in the whole entire world I could marry it.

D: I’m not sure that would be the most fulfilling of relationships, but . . .

A: I was speaking in hyperbole.

D: Ah, so in the midst of all this “play stuff” you do remember your writerly roots.

A: I never – oh forget it. I managed to finish major re-writes and edits this weekend, D. One final read-through and it’s heading into the hands of those who can really read.

D: Writing, working and managing to become a valued member of the backstage crew – how do you find the time?

A: I think I may have given up cooking actual meals, and there hasn’t been a whole lot of sleeping either. Oh, that and I had to give up blogging for a few weeks.

D: At least the post you left as your last was an cover preview for Charles Yallowitz’s new book, Legends of Windemere: Allure of the Gypsies. Did you know that it debuted on December 1?

A: I did know that. I was feverishly editing and finalizing props at the time, but I was sending him good thoughts.

D: Well, all the same, you should congratulate Charles.

A&D: Congratulations, Charles!

D: So that’s it then – you’re just going to wander off stage left and leave me here?

A: No, you can come if you want. We’ll just close the curtain until the 16th when the show run is over. Besides, I kind of like hearing your voice when I’m reading. Your snark helps me not want to cry when you’re being your epic but wounded self in the book. Need a little perspective, you know?

D: (Eye-roll) Gee, A.

A: I’m sorry, what was that? You need to enunciate more, D – remember, diction and volume!

D: The 16th can’t come soon enough!

A: You’re telling me – that set has some ridiculously heavy pieces!

So that’s it, folks! My son has the part of “Young George” in a local production of It’s a Wonderful Life. Being the helpful sort, I volunteered for props and ended up ensuring all the set pieces from the left side of the stage go out on cue, in their proper order without killing myself or others. At least I get a headset!

This, plus working in semi-retail in the weeks leading up to the holidays, is why I am a very bad blogger. Yet, I’m not too terribly broken up about it – I’ve rediscovered the ease of a quick post on Facebook, as well as the joys of being completely unavailable for hours at a time during the 3 and 4 hour evening rehearsals! So, I miss you all, but the trade-off of time with my son is priceless. Thank heavens the Mukwonago Village Players are a fabulous group of people. Working with them has been a lot of fun. We did two shows today for local school kids and everyone did a fantastic job. Can’t wait to see what the next two weeks brings!

Now, if you will excuse me, I intend to enjoy my first evening home in several days with some pizza, a glass of wine, a fuzzy blanket and some Torchwood! Good night all – thank you for reading!