Wordled Words

D: Wednesdays are Druid’s Day, A . . . what are you doing?

A: Ignore the woman behind the ‘publish post’ button.

D: Nice try, oh puny and not-so-powerful woman.

A: Fine. I’m trying to expand into that lyrical prose thing. Since it’s just for you, I figured it would be appropriate.

D: Well, since it’s for me. . . wait, are you saying I should be at the end of a barrel?

A: If the poem fits, D. If the poem fits.

For WordCloud Wednesday @ wePoets Show It, based off John W. Howell’s piece, “Talk.” Believe me when I say his piece makes so much more sense than this bit of prose that its WordCloud inspired.

* * *

Tell me the truth,

Said at the head of a cold barrel.

Lies squeeze,



Undo the latch –

Who knows what whispers spill.

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