Giving Thanks Every Day – Because it’s Pamela’s Birthday

Six Lit Birthday CandlesA: Wednesday is Druid’s day, but it’s also Pamela’s Birthday. D and I wanted to do this especially for you, Pamela! Take it away, D!

D: Can you find one thing to be grateful for, every single day? Would you make it a point to say that one thing (or two things, or ten, or twenty) and say it loud and clear for the world – at least the blogosphere – to see?

Pamela does.

A: Pamela is a bright spot in my day, and the day of many other bloggers. She reminds me to approach my world mindfully, looking for things to be happy about. I can think of no greater gift.

D: She supports authors like A, and all sorts of blogging characters. She cheers us with her stories—

A: That grandson with his smile.

D: Her daughter with her artistic flair.

A: She’s a poet in her own right,

D: And A, please stop, before we start to fight.

A: Over my really bad rhyme, am I right?

D: (Groan) Move on, woman.

A: (Tee hee) Well Pam, on this D and I can actually agree: You are spot on – you’re the ‘nth degree! Happy Birthday!

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