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A: D!! D, Where are you?

D: Over here!

A: D, what are you doing? Are those weights?

D: Green Embers gave me a face, A. But he also gave me pects.

A: Did he ever! Isn’t that the greatest? Plus, now I can call a pecty-Pict! Ha!

D: You have no shame.

A: None whatsoever. So, what’s with the weights?

D: I just want to make sure I live up to my image.

A: Oh dear – we may have created a monster: The Hunky Pecty-Pict. This could get ugly.

D: Ugly, A? Hardly. I think I’m rather dashing – in a rugged sort of way.

A: Great. Say thank you, D.

D: Green Embers, you have my deepest appreciation for breathing life into my words! Now maybe I can get some sympathy around here.

A: (Not bloody likely). Thank you, Green – D looks fabulous!

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