Hot Rods and Custard

Guss-Drive-In“Hold on tight baby, we’re going for a ride.”

“But Sam, my hair.”

“Baby, hair ain’t got nothing to do with it. Jump on and let’s go!”

“Fine – are we really going to that dinky little drive in?”

“Dinky? Dinky? Only all the best hot-rodders are seen there! We have to go. It’s Saturday night – he’ll be there.”

“Oh no, Sam baby, I thought you were over that.”

“Over it, honey? No way. He’s got the best damn custom hot rod this side of the Mississippi – hell, he’s got the best damn custom hot rod on either side of the Mississippi. And he’s going to be there at that ‘dinky little drive in.’ He always is, every Saturday night.”

Mary Ellen sighed. Gus’ did serve a great custard. “Fine. We’ll go look at the cars. But I’m telling you, if he pinches my butt one more time . . .”

For Day 15 of the Creative Writing Challenge: Stranger. I saw a couple on their bike, heading to Gus’ (It really is a place, they do have great custard, and yes, every Saturday night, April – November!). This flash fiction originally appeared on the Community Storyboard as The Stranger’s Hot Rod.


D: Do people know that this is how you view the world?

A: Considering this is a public blog, yes, I think they do.

D: Hm. . . that settles it, then.

A: I’m not sure I want to know, but settles what, D?

D:  The modern world is no place for a Druid like me.

A: You’re just mad because you can’t have the custard.

D: . . . . maybe.

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  1. I commented on the Community Storyboard, but I’ll add a separate thought here. Like I said, I love the strong dialogue and the non-flowery, real words. This is what sucks in the reader to enjoy a story purely based on words coming from the characters. Good job!

  2. There used to be a ’50’s diner in the town I lived in for a while in California. When they’re done well, they’re a lot of fun. I’ve seen others where I swear they’re using the same waitresses and cooks from the 1950s and it feels like a retirement home cafeteria.

    • They are a lot of fun – this one, on the outside, is done really well. We have hot rods and vintage cars lining the streets every weekend (which is great/annoying for us – we live two doors down). Inside – the food is decent, and the kids that work there are generally good!

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