A Girl Named Cord Releases July 31, 2013!


Cover Art
Dirk Porsche

D: A! A! It’s here!

A: I seem to recall just doing this.

D: No, A – ITS HERE!

A: You are scaring me, D.

D: A Girl Named Cord is on Amazon, A. You know, Briana’s exciting new book about Cord, a delightfully spunky cow-puncher in the Old West, who suffers trials and –

A: D! Don’t give away the plot. Yes, I remember. We had the happy opportunity to be beta-readers. But since you are so excited, why don’t you do the honors?

D: Why, thank you, A. That’s mighty kind of you!

A Girl Named Cord

By: Briana Vedsted

Available on Amazon.com, July 31, 2013 as both a paperback and an eBook.

Book description

Cord had to work hard to earn her living as a cow puncher, and she was getting along just fine until a wealthy rancher moves into the county and threatens the lives of her and her friends. Cord rises up to meet every challenge, but the death of friends, both old and new, plague her at every turn. And just when everything seems like it is going to go back to being peacefully normal, a secret comes to light, putting Cord and her future family in danger. Will Cord let go of her sorrow filled past and revengeful wishes long enough to save her loved ones and pull her life back out of the bottomless pit it seems to be stuck in?

But let me tell you this: peace in the heart is much more comforting than blood in the sand.

Read more about it at Goodreads http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18269695-a-girl-named-cord

Cover art

Dirk Porsche at http://shiggyenterprises.wordpress.com/

More about the Author

Find out more about Briana on her blog, http://whenibecameanauthor.wordpress.com/

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        • Any time, ever!

          A, you’re not supposed to be speaking for me. However, she is correct – I would love to stop by any time you would have me! And meeting Angel would be icing on the cake!

          • Okay then! Yah! This is going to be fun! What do you think about doing it the first week of August, and set it up where D and Billy ‘chat’ (on FB, maybe?) Then we can copy everything into a post and publish it on both blogs? What say you, A?

          • A says yay! (that rhymes, right?) That sounds like a fantastic idea, Briana! I’m out of town starting Saturday morning for my niece’s wedding, but let’s email some times we’d each be available for the FB chat. You’re in mountain time, right? I’ll code my availability as such to make it easier.

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