Scum and Villainy

. . . Sean sighed and shook his head. “No Maureen, fighting here – it won’t mean anything.” He stared down at his shoes; he couldn’t face the surety of her idealism. It was stark and absolute and it made her green eyes too bright. Within its grip, she saw and heard nothing else. He was losing her.

He tried again: “Our lives will mean something, in our time, when we get back there.”

Maureen inhaled sharply. “If we get back there, Sean. When are you going to accept that we might be stuck here? When are you going to give up this ridiculous belief that we’re going to be saved from this?!”

She was shouting. Sean just looked at her, impassive. He could see her fingers twitch and he wondered if she was going to slap him.

“We were safe with Grace, Sean. We had lives there, respect. And then we left. You are chasing after a phantom hoping that he’ll find us. I think that if he were going to fetch us from this nightmare, he would have done it already.”

“Maureen, you said yourself you felt something in the mist, some sort of danger. What if it has him? What if he can’t reach us?”

“Why are you defending him, Sean? He isn’t here. He isn’t going to help us. We have to fend for ourselves. I’ve found a way for us to do that and be part of something important. . .”

D: I don’t think she likes me.

A: No.

D: I don’t think you like me, either.

Photo Courtesy Google Images.

Photo Courtesy Google Images.

A: Either you’re throwing inverted Star Wars quotes at me, or you are actually concerned. I can’t quite tell which.

D: Perhaps it’s both.

A: You are that diabolical.

D: That’s just what I’m talking about!

A: Well . . .

D: I knew it.

A: Wait, D. It isn’t that I dislike you so much as that whole familiarity breeding contempt thing . . .

D: You just watch yourself A. I could be a wanted man. I could have the death sentence on twelve systems. . .

A: I give up.

A’s telling the {background} tale tonight, Baby!

When Sean and Maureen left pirate Grace O’Malley in the 16th Century, they thought they were going home to 1958. Instead, they are stranded in 1916, on the eve of the 1916 Uprising in Dublin. While Maureen wants to help the leaders of the 1916 plan a successful revolution, Sean wants nothing to do with it – he would prefer to stay safe until Dubh can find them.

This is preliminary to a “The Tale So Far” addition to the blog. I also thought it might help with the book’s synopsis. We’ll see!

The Druid is stealing the tale back because A’s hogging the blog.

D: Blog hog.

A: Really?

D: You weren’t even going to give me a chance to congratulate Charles and to remind everyone that he’s having a blog blitz for Prodigy of Rainbow Tower, second in the Legends of Windemere series.

A: I was going to—

D: No – no use now, woman. I know what happened; you let all the ‘welcome back’ comments go to your head.

A: . . .

D: And, you also forgot to mention that Briana has a new author website for her book, Me and Billy the Kid.

A: But–

D: And then Helena survived the twister of the century and saw Oz everywhere she went. You should be ashamed, A – you used to think you were Dorothy! How could you not mention Helena’s brilliant post?

A: Um—

D: Not to mention that the lovely Ionia is getting back on her feet after a few trying experiences. Which is wonderful, because I think everyone is missing her dearly.

A: D, would you–

D: Yes, A? I’m waiting.

A: Are you really tapping your foot at me? What are you, my mother? My mother doesn’t even do that to me.

D: Now you’re just stalling.

A: And you’re taking up space. Go on then, congratulate the good people – tell your tale!

D: I just did, A – you were too busy protesting your innocence.

A: Wow. Just . . . wow. I have no words.

D: Finally.

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  1. This was a lot of fun! And did I understand correctly that this is the beginning of a new tale (or just some background to help make sense of things. The (Sordid) Tale So Far is a great idea…. wherever did you come up with it, darling? (It is SOOOO necessary and helpful to be organized.) Wanderer and I follow this fellow at his blog and he is ALLLL over the place with poetry, a novel, music, short stories, etc… and it would be absolute chaos but for the fact that it’s all organized and categorized.

    • Thank you – my favorite dilettante showed me the light! This is actually smack-dab in the middle of the tale so far (or in the middle of part 2… I’m writing part 4 right now). I’m going to retro-fit the blog with background and have a page with a synopsis-in-progress, and better categories. I had no idea what I was doing when I started this little venture!

      I like how Mr. Abell’s site is organized, too. August – August is when all things will calm down and I can stop frantically banging away at the keyboard trying to cram 2k words a night to make my Camp nanowrimo goal. At least, that’s what I tell myself! 🙂

  2. “Are you really tapping your foot at me? What are you, my mother? My mother doesn’t even do that to me.” Lines like these keeps me coming back for more! Hilarious 🙂

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