The Druid tells the tale

no eyes2Who says A has to be here all the time?

(Um, D, it says so right in the title of the blog.)

(Go back to your writing, woman. You are woefully behind in your word count if you have any intention of completing 50k words by July 31.)

A has been remiss the last few days and has not allowed me the use of this forum to tell the tale, as befitting a Druid of my stature.

What stature is that, you ask?

(Don’t you dare, D. – that is seven years of boring right there. You trained for seven years in lore, genealogy and magic in order to become Arch-Druid of the Grove and you gave it up to be a bard at your lady-love’s hearth).

Well, someone is bitter. Regardless, I feel the need to tell the tale and since she is busy, I get to do it without interference.

I’d tell you to gather round, but what I really wish you to do is visit. Please, visit Pamela of the Year ‘Round Thanksgiving Project and if you have any interest in the fashion world, support a young designer in New York City during New York Fashion Week.

I also want you to pay a call on Briana Vested – she is the Spotlight Blogger at the Legends of Windemere today, and another worthy individual I cannot name.

Furthermore, I beg you – cast your eyes upon this dog’s life. If you haven’t noticed, I have a soft spot for hounds, whether they be baying war dogs or simple pups with a tale to tell.

Finally, stop by the Community Storyboard and enjoy “Self-Portrait” as told by the Electric Purple Prompt winner, Busy Mind Thinking. I found it beautiful and inspiring.

With that, my tale is done. See, it’s not me that makes A long-winded.

Good night!

~ D

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