Attention My Beautiful Guest Bloggers!


Please allow me to put D in a box so this can be short, simple and one hopes, distraction-free (good luck – oi!) . . .

First, thank you to all who volunteered to be guest bloggers while I attempt to cram as much writing in as possible while my dear child is away at his various camps.

Now, to the point: because I want all of you to get the credit for adding your creativity to my site while I’m off-line, I’m going to invite you to be “contributors” for the blog, using the public emails you’ve made available.

In this way, your gravitar/about me information will be at the end of your posts and you’ll know when the gracious public sends gives you the accolades you so deserve.

Of course, there is no requirement that you accept the invitation. If you would rather not, please send your post to If all the posts could be sent/posted on the dashboard by July 6, I will throw ticker-tape parades in your honor and sing your praises to all those who will listen to me screech.

If you would like to guest-blog at the DA Dialogues (and no, you don’t have to converse with D – that’s just how I deal with the chaos that is my brain), drop me a line in the comments or at my email address – I’d love to have you!

~ Katie, also known as A.





0 thoughts on “Attention My Beautiful Guest Bloggers!

    • Thank you, John! If you want to have a conversation with D (7th century Pict Druid (and warrior, and sometimes-god), that would be lovely, or another topic of your choosing. Charles is doing a piece on how the author’s interaction with the characters can alter the piece, to give you an idea. I always wondered if you feel nostalgic to your work that is now a door stop, or if those characters still talk to you at all. Whatever captures your fancy is welcome here!!

  1. I would love to guest blog for you, Katie! Since I’ll be at Camp NaNoWriMo in July, I would want to write about my work in progress. Perhaps D could help me out with that, give me some rock solid advice for my mystery novel :). What do you think?

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