My Dearest Love

D: A love story, how sweet.

A: It is sweet, D. And one day I may actually get to tell the whole thing.

D: This story has been rambling about up here for a while – Evie and I are good chums. The second story is loosely based on your grandparents, yes?

A: Where are you going with this?

D: I’m just wondering about the third story.

A: It hasn’t happened yet. I’m working on it.

D: Will it have ghosts?

A: No, I think Evelyn and Samuel do that just fine.

D: What about vampires?

A: Nope, you skulk around for that well enough.

D: Then what?!

A: I’m waiting for me, dummy. Now shush; let people read the story!

0 thoughts on “My Dearest Love

  1. I am so glad you wrote this story. So, this was the house on the lake? And you had two ghosts, not just one. I love how you took the clues they gave you and wove it into a touching story. It might be just what they needed for release.

  2. Thank you, Andra! This is the house on the lake. In addition to Evie and the soldier, there were many more ghosts – mostly upstairs and mostly children, although there was a nurse or someone who used to give me the heebie-jeebies at the head of the stairs! My mother suspects that the land we moved the house to may have been “haunted” as well – sort of like a gateway or focal point of some sort.

    I like to think that Evie was looking for someone to understand her – I believe she was an older woman when she died and she loved to have fun with all of us when we tried to contact her – I hope, wherever she is, that she likes the story!

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